Galencia Property is a well-established property developer based in Johannesburg, with a rich culturally diverse history which has it's rooted abroad. Internationally, Galencia is a stakeholder in many industries, ranging from modern agriculture, animal husbandry, paper making, and commercial and residential property. Locally, we have focussed our interests on residential property, providing you with the best value properties in Africa.

Our high-end developments speak for themselves, with each being a hallmark of excellence and luxury. We have cultivated and nurtured the concept of creating establishments which fully encompass a lifestyle offering balance. We aim to bring you the best of the Galencia lifestyle, a home in which you can Live, Relax & Play. From our tranquil pools and serene locations to the awe-inspiring finishes and immaculate landscaping, we ensure that you truly come home to the best.

Our excellent team provides world class professional service, making us the consumer most satisfied developer.

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Galencia Property Holding Group:

Huaqiao Fenghuang Group (HQFH) is registered in Sichuan Province, China. The group is a member of the National Overseas Chinese Investments Entrepreneurs Association, Sichuan Federation of Overseas Chinese, Sichuan Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce and the European Union Chamber of Commerce in Southwest China.

Since its humble beginnings the group has established connections and practices in more than 20 regions worldwide and maintains close links with its international partners and business leaders. The group has its focus on the industries of agriculture, manufacturing, finance, overseas investment & trade and real estate.

HQFH has continued to expand its enterprise and develop with the times in innovative ways. The Group's core affiliates include:

•             -Huaqiao Phoenix Animal Feed - providing feed meal, sustainable farming processes and agricultural industrialization solutions

•             -Huaqiao Xinyuan Colourfol Printing and Packaging Company - manufacturing and distributing materials by demand

•             -Huaqiao Fenghuang Paper Company - sourcing recyclable materials to provide industry leading paper products

•             -Galencia Property - developing high-end real estate with its headquarters in Johannesburg, South Africa


We are stakeholders of two commercial banks

Overseas investment and trade

We have invested in African countries. We have an aquaculture demonstration center in Uganda. Since its inception in 2009, we have completed construction of the project within a year and has received high comments and appraisal.

Manufacturing Industry

Galencia property has excelled in the manufacturing sector. We have the biggest feed manufacturing enterprise in Cheng Du, China, and to enable us to perform our tasks to perfection, we have world class advanced professional manufacturing equipment, workmanship, and technique. Most of our feed has obtained different national gold awards and patents.

Real Estate

With many years overseas property development experience, Galencia Property advanced “choosing nice neighbor” concept in order to create international excellent community, which has obtained the society and consumers’ high affirmation. The Huaqiao Fenghuang International City is one of the best developments in China. The concept in use of in this development is the commercial shops are at the bottom and residential apartments at the upper levels.

Agriculture Industrialization

We focus on both animal husbandry and vegetable farming. We breed an Imported American top DLY piglet. From the breeding base, the meat is taken to the meat processing plant and to pre-arranged supermarket off takes. We also specialize in aquatic products breeding and processing. We breed prawns, cold water fish.